Q & A with Armand Aucamp

We chatted to Armand Aucamp, star of Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling to ask him about his experience on set, being a “celebrity”, and what a enkeling even is. Read our review for Ballade here: https://sbamtheatreblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/ballade-vir-n-enkeling-a-review/


Q1: What does enkeling actually mean? The subtitles had “loner”, but that doesn’t seem very accurate.

Loner has such negative connotations. A loner is when society makes you alone. English doesn’t really have a word for it, but a enkeling is more like “lonesome”; a person who decides to be by themselves. They are releasing the movie overseas and so we’ve all had to put our heads together to think of a word for it, and we’ve come up with “lonesome”.

Q2: How have you found all the attention? Do you get recognised?

I’m very grateful for the publicity. It’s been amazing. But no, in South Africa we don’t really have celebrities. Only really soap stars get recognised. I remember in February I was on the cover of the Vrouekeur magazine and I went to the till to pay for it and I thought maybe the teller will recognise me. But then she didn’t! Haha, so that was a humbling experience.

Q3: What did you enjoy most about the experience?

I really believe in fate and there were a lot of really cool coincidences with this movie. I was born on the same day that the TV series first aired. I moved to Joburg before I had heard if I had got the job yet and then the next day I moved into the same block of flats that my character lives in in the movie. And then I heard that I’d got it! So I could literally just wake up and walk to work. And then the guy who plays Jan-Paul in the movie, his name is Jacques and I played Jacques in the movie, and the last movie he was in, he played a character called Armand. And then one of the main characters in the film is called Lena Aucamp. So I really enjoyed all those little things.

Q4: And what was your favourite moment from the shooting of the film?

The most remarkable scene was when in the film there was this huge painting of me on this wall, and they got in this street artist. And within two hours he had freehand painted that entire thing of my face. He just had a photo of me in his hand. And it was amazing!

Armand is busy shooting a new Afrikaans TV series called Die Boekklub which you can catch on Kyknet in 2016.

Read our Q & A with Miles Petzer, villain of Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling here: https://sbamtheatreblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/q-a-with-miles-petzer/

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