Chatting with the cast of John

The cast of John were nice enough to spare the time to answer some question about their up-coming play. The piece focuses on the true stories of sex workers in South Africa. Written by our Andre Lombard, who also stars in the production, the show will be a sell-out for sure. The show also stars our own Melissa Haiden, and is directed by our young director extraordinaire, Jeremeo Le Cordeur.

Q1: What attracted you to the project?

Melissa: I was interested in the story and in the challenge of playing three different characters in the same production. It has been a few years since I have done an original, work-shopped piece. Also, Andre and Jerry are awesome duh!

Andre: I have always been fascinated by people on the periphery of society, especially the lives of drug dealers and sex workers. I then decided to put my curiosity into a practical form and write a play on the subject.

Jeremeo: It’s an edgy thought-provoking piece, everything Vulture Productions is known for. It’s a challenge and I accepted.

Q2: Why do you think a story about sex workers is important for a South African audience?

Melissa: I don’t think the point is to be activists, we are just telling stories. John is not a play about advocating sex worker’s rights. But instead of making judgments of what is right and wrong we would love it if the audience leaves John feeling slightly more curious.

Andre: Many people are curious about the lives of sex workers. The play is definitely not didactic. It merely gives the audience an opportunity to be a fly on the wall in situations which usually occur behind closed doors.

Jeremeo: Sex workers are all too often judged on assumptions and stereotypes. Their stories are real and they have just as much value as ours.

Q3: What is John about and why should someone watch it?

Melissa: The characters in John provide a glimpse into their private worlds. The audience acts as the voyeur. Individual stories are driven and interwoven by a yearning for intimacy, which is universal.

Andre: John’s life is dictated by numbers until he falls in love and has his first sexual experience. It haunts him and as he grows older he yearns for intimacy. However, his obsession with numbers prevents him from forming meaningful relationships. He delves into the underworld of sex workers in search of a replacement for his first love.

Jeremeo: John is a collection of memories/dreams/fantasies that most of us would never share with anyone. This production highlights these moments.

Read our one-on-one Q and A with Jeremeo here, Melissa here, and Andre here. Book to see John on Computicket here. The show starts on 21 May.


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