Q & A with Jeremeo Le Cordeur

Jeremeo Le Cordeur is directing the new workshopped theatre piece, John, which premieres at the Artscape on 21 May. The production is brought to life by Jeremeo’s own production company, Vulture Productions and stars Melissa Haiden and Andre Lombard. We chat to this young star about directing John and his directing process.

What is your process when it comes to directing?

One of the first things I do is break it down. Find the story’s identity. Who it is, what it is, what it needs… every story is unique and it is my job to mold it into something stage worthy. That’s a big responsibility. I approach every production differently because each production comes with it’s own set of challenges but that’s the thrill of theatre. You take it as it comes where only one rule truly applies…. the show must go on.

What have you found most challenging about this project?

We are putting a spotlight on an industry we all know exists. These are not pretty stories and they can make you feel very uncomfortable because they are stories not all of us want to see. It’s been quite a challenge to stay true to these stories knowing that not all of them may be received well given it’s nature.

What has been your favorite moment with the cast?

Reworking the script using what we did at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective as a skeleton. This has been a terrifyingly exciting process but that’s the point. Your craft is supposed to challenge you, how else will you grow and develop as an artist?

What do you want the audience to take away from the piece?

To never look at a sex worker the same way again.

Read our interview with Melissa Haiden here, and with Andre Lombard here. Read our interview with all three SBAM actors involved in John here. Book now on Computicket here. Play opens at the Artscape on 21 May.


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