Q & A with Jazzara Jaslyn of Every Beautiful Thing

Our lovely Jazzara Jaslyn co-stars in Every Beautiful Thing at the Alexander Bar this month. Playing the younger sisters of an adopted lawyer, the show explores sisterly relationships and family bonds. The poetic script, written by Jon Keevy is filled with sentimental and then juxtaposingly angry and bitter dialogue. The two sisters square off in a hospital room and come to grips with their relationship. Co-starring Briony Horwitz and directed by Tara Notcutt, the show is not to be missed.

Q1: What drew you to the project? Why did you audition/decide to do the show?

I didn’t really know too much about it when I was asked to audition. When I found out that Tara Notcutt would be directing it I was thrilled. After watching …Miskien I was drawn to the nuance and sensitivity she is able to create within her work.

Q2: Do you have siblings? How did this affect the way you approached the role?

I’m actually an only child. Which is funny because during my audition I was told I grasped the very “catty” nature of a sister/sister fight. I’m very close to my mum, so I drew on that relationship which, I believe, can be very similar to having a maternal older sister. But I also have many close friends who constantly share their sibling stories and so I drew from what I knew. Briony was also great to work with as she has a younger sister.

Q3: Why should people come and see the show?

I think, for the most part, this show will really hit women with sisters. There is a certain dynamic between two sisters which is different to that of two brothers or a brother and sister. However, we have had really great feedback from people who don’t have sisters but could relate to the strong element of things unsaid, be it between friends or family. So I think people should come watch

Q4: For you what is the take-home idea about this show?

That you cannot choose your family, and you might not get along or ‘get each other’ as much as you would like. But at the end of the day, you are family, and you will always need each other at some point. And there will always be some kind of love between you.

Q5: How did you prepare for the role?

I wake up in hospital after an intense car accident, and so I had to research the kind of injuries I would have and the medication (drugs) I would be on. That kind of state is always difficult to play, like being drunk, if you don’t find it naturally you just look ridiculous. So I played with that a lot and being a 23-year-old, slightly dramatic girl like my character, it wasn’t difficult to draw from my own personality traits.

Q6: If the person behind Humans of New York approached you, what would be your story?

Good lord. What a difficult question! My story, right now, would be that I have realized that one of the greatest blessings for an actor is to constantly be working. People always associate actors with ‘fame’: “Oh, I can’t wait for when you are famous” which is so superficial. I think a truly ‘successful’ actor is one who, even when work might not be coming their way, is creating their own work and playing with ideas for future work. Especially in theatre.

Book tickets to see Jazzara in Every Beautiful Thing here. The show runs until 23 May.

Image: Nardus Engelbrecht


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