Black Sails hits South African screens this August

The much anticipated premier of the hit series, Black Sails, will be upon us today, 18 August. The series follows the revered and feared pirate Captain Flint and his crew as he makes his way through the West Indies, and acts as a prequel to the Robert Louis Stevenson novel, Treasure Island.

The series was filmed in Cape Town with British actors for many of the lead roles, and Capetonian actors for secondary roles, with a South African crew and stunt people. They have just rapped filming the third season, so South African audiences have a lot to look forward to.

Don't miss this dark pirate drama.
Don’t miss this dark pirate drama.

The show will premier on the DStv History Channel 186 today at 21h20 and will continue every Tuesday night. Be sure to watch so that you don’t miss our talented artists in the first season: Lise SlabberShaun AckerAndrew BrentBarend FoucheJake MaiselKerstin FrancisJustin FrancisLaura HigginsMathew CaldecottMelissa HaidenMartin MunroRowan Studti, Kelly Wragg and Rob Coutts.


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