Q & A with Imke du Toit

We talk to Imke du Toit about the play, People are Living There, that she stars in this month.

Q1: What is People are Living There about?

People are Living There  is a story about a bitter old landlord called Milly Jenkins. The story follows the lives of her and three young students in a boarding house as they try to have a birthday party to spite the people that have wronged them.

Q2: Why should people watch it?

This new take on an original Athol Fugard play: it is refreshing and exciting. This is the first time that one of Fugard’s plays has had a spin like this put on it. It is an edge of your seat watch. I don’t want to give too much away but the audience will be in for a surprise at the end.

Q3: You toured to the National Arts Festival. What were you most looking forward to Festival?

For me, there were two things that I was really looking forward to. Firstly, it was my first festival where I got to perform! It had been a long three months rehearsing and preparing so I was really excited to see how the audience was going to respond. Secondly, I couldn’t wait to show support to some of the other acts. There were some amazing pieces happening while I was there.

Q4: How did you prepare for your role?

When you prepare for any role, it is important to have a point of reference. For me, I spent time researching the character Millie as well as drawing inspiration from plays/films where the characters are going through the same mindset as we are trying to achieve with our take on it.

Q5: What drew you to a character so much older than you are?

I have played quite a few older characters before when I was in drama school.  I am quite fascinated by them and when I got asked to audition for the role I jumped at the opportunity. Playing older characters are difficult to grasp and become rather challenging when you are decades younger than them. But I love a challenge and this was definitely a challenge for me.

Q6: Why would you recommend people study drama?

This is a difficult question to answer. For me, I was drawn to acting and the arts in general as I always want to express myself in an outward fashion. I have a real interest in sharing my passion for the arts with others so will always encourage people to try, however I am a realist and know that drama is not for everyone. I think the main thing to understand is that whilst drama is a challenge, you also get to meet genuine people and also have a lot of fun so why not give it a go?

People are Living There will be playing at the Galloway Theatre from 20th-31st October. Don’t miss your chance to see this Fugard classic get a new spin. You can book tickets here.


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