Singin’ and dancin’ in the rain

By Laurie Scarborough

One of the most famous musical movies from the 20th Century has finally come to the Cape Town stage, and we’re dancin’ for joy.

What a lovely show, bringing to life the charm of old Hollywood. From the opening scene right to the last tap-dancing finale the show doesn’t disappoint.

The wonderful cast, including the unstoppable Bethany Dickson as the lovely Kathy Seldon, Duane Alexander as debonair Don Lockwood, and our own Steven van Wyk as the comedic Cosmo Brown, were all top notch. Bethany, as always, sung beautifully and played Kathy with both grace and spunk – a perfect pairing for the character. She coped remarkably well with the tricky choreography considering that she is not primarily a dancer.

Duane Alexander, who is the understudy to Grant Almirral, took on the daunting task of filling Gene Kelly’s shoes – no small feat – and he did an outstanding job, dancing and singing his way into the audience’s hearts.

And of course, Steven van Wyk left little wanting and was the hilarious third-wheel to the Kathy and Don pair. He too seemed to tackle all choreography with ease, showcasing his years of dancing training.

Ex-Idol SA contestant Taryn Lee Hudson also played the dim-witted and ear-splittingly annoying Lena Lamont to perfection. Her soliloquy song, if you can call it that, “What’s wrong with me?” was hilarious, as was the rest of her performance.

The ensemble of talented dancers also deserve a mention, and they tapped their hearts out in the glorious “Gotta dance” and the final “Singin’ in the rain” number.

If you’re not too keen on leaving the theatre wet though, beware the splash-zone. The cast seemed to take great pleasure in kicking rain onto the raincoat-clad first two rows of the audience.

A charming show for the books and with a castful of triple-threat talent, who could ask for anything more?


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