Q & A with Heike Brunner of Mother City Sketch

We chat to Heike Brunner of Mother City Sketch about their upcoming show.

Q1: You are new to the Mother City Sketch Show. How have you enjoyed it?
I’ve loved being a part of it! I’m a huge fan of ‘bite-size theatre’ because I find audiences attention spans are getting shorter and their tolerance for long shows is lower. Being able to offer people a variety of short, colourful stories means that there will definitely be something for everyone. It also keeps things interesting for me as a performer. Every time we rehearse a sketch I find a new detail or a slightly different shade to play with.
Q2: How did you get involved with Mother City Sketch Show?

The entire cast of this fourth edition of The Mother City Sketch Show participated in a production of one-act plays that I produced in 2015. Between each one-act play, the MCS team acted as stage hands, setting up the next play while improvising a pre-determined story about wanna-be actors discussing a film project they had auditioned for and acting out bits of their audition. These scene-change-skits created a continuous narrative for the audience and was an absolute highlight! Several people said they almost enjoyed the scene changes more than the short plays themselves. We had great fun working together, so when the team needed another person for the 4th MCS show, they invited me to join them. I am thrilled to be given this opportunity.

Q3: What do you enjoy most about sketch comedy?
The fresh scripts and unexpected plot twists. The brevity and focus of it all – it’s like Twitter for theater. As an actor in a sketch show, you don’t get time to ease into the rhythm of a play and develop your character’s emotional arc over the course of 90 minutes. You need to be precise, yet still truthful about the character’s emotional life, even if they only live for a few minutes on stage. I love being able to play a range of characters in one performance. It’s a nice workout.
Q4: What is the hardest part of sketch comedy for you?
Finding the characters’ depth and making them credible in a short space of time so that they don’t become cartoons or cheap parodies
To book for the Mother City Sketch Show, visit the Alexander Bar website here.

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