Q & A with Rob Coutts of Mother City Sketch

We chat to Rob Coutts of the Mother City Sketch Show, now playing at the Alexander Bar theatre.

Q1: What can we expect from the 4th Mother City Sketch Show?

You can expect a whole bunch of short sketches that will make you laugh your buns off. With a whole bunch of crazy characters that everyone can relate to dealing with issues and scenarios that we are all familiar with.

Q2: Whats the best part of sketch comedy for you?
To be able to play a whole range of characters in just 1 hour dealing with different funny situations. Its a rush man!
Q3: What’s the hardest part of sketch comedy?
To wrap up a story in around 5 minutes and make audience laugh so much that their pants split.
Q4: What have you enjoyed most about this show in particular?
To explore playing the particular characters that I am playing. My characters are quite Cape Townian so it’s nice to play around with that and make fun at certain stereo types that all Cape Townians know. I also love performing with the rest of the cast members, they’re all such great people and we get along like bacon and cheese.
Make sure you book your tickets for the Mother City Sketch Show at the Alexander Bar theatre here.


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