Q & A with Tamith Hattingh of Mother City Sketch

We chat to Tamith Hattingh, producer of the 4th Mother City Sketch show about their upcoming show.

Q1: Tell us a bit more about this sketch show.
For our 4th Mother City Sketch Show we are being directed by Mark Sykes who has also written most of the sketches. All our sketches are new and original, written by MCS cast (past and present). We also have a great cast who all bring their own unique spice and brand of comedy to the show. This time round we are trying out a a few political satire pieces which should be fun and between sketches we also have audio sketches to keep the audience laughing while we do our scene changes. These are loads of fun to listen to and link to the stories being told in the performed sketches.

Q2: What’s fun about sketch comedy?
 The great thing about sketch is there is something for everyone to enjoy and laugh at , we use different types of comedy because each of our writers have  a unique sense of humour and style, which means if one sketch isn’t one audience member’s cup of tea, the next one might be! Sketch comedy is a fun way to move through loads of different vignettes of stories in a fun and entertaining way. Because sketch comedy deals with various weird,wonderful and fun stories and characters , it allows for the realism aspect to be stretched somewhat. This gives a performer a chance to play multiple roles and push their own boundaries in terms of characters,voices and physicality.

Q3: What have you most enjoyed about producing this show?
For me the most is enjoyable moment is our opening night, seeing the whole thing come together and knowing that all our hard work and rehearsals have paid off. Each show we do, we get slicker and smoother , in terms of our rehearsals, writing and technicalities so for me it’s awesome to watch and be a part of MCS growing and going from strength to strength .

Q4: What does a producer actually do?
Producers are basically the organisers and budget keepers behind things. With MCS it’s slightly different because we don’t have heads of departments (eg. art department to handle costume and props) so my role as producer for MCS is not only to handle budget and scheduling (rehearsals and shows) but to also work out which props, costumes, media and technical aspects we might need as well as assistant directing. I have the other MCS members to help me with things like recording and editing of all our audio and video which is a huge help as well as our director being very proactive and helping out with sourcing costumes and props.


To book you tickets for the Mother City Sketch show, visit the Alexander Bar website here.


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