The 4th Mother City Sketch Show

Make your way down to Alexander Bar for the 4th Mother City Sketch show. You won’t regret it. It’s filled with talented cast and funny skits that will keep you laughing the full length of the show.

From political satire that mocks our president in the most pertinent way, to purely Capetonian skits the look at the Cape Town culture at its best you’ll be sorry if you miss this show.

Mark Sykes wrote many of the skits showing his versatility as a writer, but Pags Bantwana, Robin Hitchcock, Andre Ballot and Mark Penwill also took their hand at writing a sketch to great effect and had the audience in hysterics.

The show starred our own SBAM family Tamith Hattingh, Rob Coutts and Heike Brunner who shone on the small Alexander Bar stage, along with other cast members Mark Penwill, Mark Sykes and Pags Bantwana. The small cast were superb and had the audience laughing for the duration of the show.

For more information on Mother City Sketch, visit their website here. Don’t forget to book your tickets here! There are only tickets left for tonight’s show.


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