Q & A with Sue Diepeveen

Sue Diepeveen‘s new one-woman show will be opening tonight, 27 April, at the Playhouse Theatre in Somerset West. We chat to her about her experience with the show.

Q1: Tell us about your new play “So…you want to be a trophy wife?” What is it about? 

It is about a woman called Marie who just falls short when trying to figure out this thing called life. Marie is in a tight spot and it seems as if her only hope is to find herself a rich husband which is not as easy as it seems…

Q2: How does it feel to be doing a one-woman show? Are you nervous to be on stage by yourself?

There are many reasons for going solo but the main one was time! I have a friend who is running a local theatre who had a gap in planning and thought “I know who is crazy enough to fill my slot…Sue Diepeveen”…of course it has been on my bucket list forever but this was the push that I needed to get it up and running. There was no time to find other mad actors who could rehearse odd hours, and even less to sort things like rights for productions, so it seemed the best time to put myself on the line and get a show together. I am nervous of course, for many reasons, but mainly that it has been a while since I have been in front of a live audience and then there is the script….having put together the material myself I hope that the message comes across. It is like praying that you do not give birth to an ugly baby! Every aspect is fraught with pitfalls, so yes, I guess nerves are to be expected. The joy of it is that I get to say what I want but I must say there is a loneliness that I never expected…as actors we are trained to share with each other and going solo robs one of that. The theatre is dark and gloomy without a load of madcap actors filling it. I have a special bond with the Playhouse Theatre in Somerset West but it is a little unnerving being in the space completely alone.

Q3: Why should we all feel excited to come and watch?

I think that it is topical as we are seeing our daughters compromised every day and perhaps it will make us think twice about encouraging them to accept that, as well as highlighting the fact that men are vulnerable too. I think that seeing a solo show also takes the audience on a unique journey which feels a bit edgy which makes for a bit of excitement too.

Q4: For those of us who don’t know, what exactly is a trophy wife?

Well Laurie, I don’t think that I have ever met a real trophy wife but a lot of my research led me to believe that a substantial age gap and a sizable wallet is key. A trophy is an object that gives you bragging rights but really doesn’t fulfill any other purpose.

Q5: What’s the best part of being a performer?

I think that the best part is that each and every day is unique and one feels alive in a way that office jocks don’t necessarily feel. It is wonderful to share one’s views and most importantly that you could change someone’s outlook or even behaviour. If one entertains then that serves mankind as a whole, people can relax or learn or both. There are tedious parts to the process of course, but on the whole, an actor uses everything that he has been blessed with to do the job at hand.

To book to see Sue in her new show, click here.


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