Q&A with Tarryn Fox

Tarryn Fox is starring in a new musical review, The Cat’s Meouw, at the Kalk Bay Theatre, a charming show about a married couple who have to entertain their in-laws. We chat to Tarryn about her show and the experience.

Q1: Tell us a bit about your show, The Cat’s Meouw.

A seemingly incongruous, but never-the-less very happily married couple, face their yearly dinner with the in-laws.  It never goes well. This year’s soiree with the folks is a disaster from word go. She wants to please them. He wants to please her. They don’t like him. It’s all one big facade.

Q2: What’s your favourite number in the show and why do you like it? 

That’s a very difficult question Laurie because I love all of the numbers. But If I had to choose one it would have to be Nella Fantasia. I’ve been wanting to sing it since the very first time I heard it.”Nella Fantasia” (“In My Fantasy”) is a song sung in Italian based on the theme “Gabriel’s Oboe” from the film The Mission (1986). With music by composer Ennio Morricone and lyrics by Chiara Ferraù.

Q3: How has it been working with Pierre van Heerden, Ashley Searle and Vanessa Harris? 

Working with Pierre van Heerden is like being at a free comedy show every time we rehearse. I find myself corpsing on a regular basis only to have to restart the scene from the top. Comedy aside, Pierre is a true gentleman on and off stage. In the musical I joke about the fact that he has No Sophistication, whilst off stage he is quite the opposite. I have thoroughly enjoyed singing and performing with my friend. We have a mutual understanding of one another because we share the same philosophy. We both want our partner to shine on stage. This respect allows us to project our positive energy into every performance and thus into the audience.

Working with Vanessa and Ashley from Follow Spot Productions was absolutely incredible.  At first I was weary about the two directors brainstorming in front of me shouting out punchlines and Ashley pirouetting in their family lounge whilst Vanessa was rewriting the script she had just rewritten whilst conducting our rendition of Music of the Night with her mother’s soup ladle in her left hand.  Vanessa and Ashley have such a penetrative chemistry and talent for writing and directing that it  rubs off on you just being around them. They are open to your ideas so that the show has a very real and personal touch. The best part of working with them was the fact they both have a great sense of humour so there was no doubt that the show was going to land up being a comedy mixed with opera.

Q4: What do you like most about working in situational comedy? 

The fact that the performance has to feel completely realistic. In the show Pierre and I are a married couple and the entire performance takes place in our dining/open plan living room so we have decorated it according to the characters tastes and styles. It’s a bit mismatched and quirky like us. We are an unlikely couple that virtually every couple could relate to in some way or another.

Q5: Why should people come to see the show?

The show is funny! It has a variety of familiar beautiful songs from well loved musicals that have been interlaced with a fresh new script. The script has been written and inspired by true stories and events. It’s a guaranteed FUN night out that everyone can enjoy.

Don’t forget to book your tickets for Tarryn’s show here. The show runs until Saturday 21st May.


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