Vacancy: a quiet romance – a review

By Laurie Scarborough

Candice van Litsenborgh stars in Canned Rice Productions’ new show Vacancy: a quiet romance, alongside her partner Richard Wright-Firth. The show, a physical-theatre piece, inspired by the Pixar animated short films, was created by both Candice and Richard.

The show follows the quiet life of Eleanor and Gavin, neighbours who live alone in an apartment block next to a park. We watch as Eleanor shuffles around her apartment, tends her bonsai tree, dances with her broom, listens to Gavin through her wall, and receive some troubling news from a mysterious letter.

Gavin takes his beloved beagle for a walk, eats and watches TV rather dispassionately and then transforms into a clown.

The beginning of the show really encapsulates the truisms of living alone and captures the loneliness of the characters. Candice has a very animated face which matched Eleanor’s quiet romance. Richard’s simpleness in his portrayal made Gavin endearing and you yearned for the characters to meet to settle the cosmic loneliness that they both were experiencing.

When the characters did finally meet it was very sweet – sharing Nik-Niks and sitting beneath an umbrella.

I loved the soundscape that was developed especially for the show as well. It complemented the atmosphere and added to the story. The show relied completely on action, without any spoken word for the entirety of the show, so competent actors were needed and Candice and Richard both rose to the occasion.

A charming show, with simple and easy movement. A quiet romance indeed.

Book your tickets here. The show is on at the Alexander Bar Theatre from 6th June to 11th June.


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