Miles Petzer jet-sets to Austria with exciting show about Bosnian civil war

By Laurie Scarborough

Miles Petzer is set to travel to Austria next week with his show Cheers to Sarajevo. The show, co-written by Aimée Goldsmith and Lidija Marelic, follows a South African photographer, Peter, Played by Miles, separated from his team in Bosnia in 1992 just before the outbreak of the civil war there.

He meets Mirela, played by Goldsmith, who is in love with a Serbian man, Alex, played by Charlie Bouguenon. This is particularly difficult because Serbia was the conflicting party with Bosnia in the civil war.

Together, they travel from the top of Bosnia through to the southern part of Bosnia and a love triangle entangles the characters while the civil war unravels and Peter witness war atrocities.

The show is under the strong directorial guide of Lidija Marelic and Thabani Gigaba produces. The play has been doing the rounds in fringe theatres in Johannesburg recently to good reviews. They have been saving the play for the big theatres.

They have now been invited to Austria to a festival as the only South African production to be featured there. Miles will be performing there from 13th June to 20th June. Following this they will be performing at the Grahamstown Arts Festival and there is even a possibilities of Cape Town Fringe Festival performances.

I asked Miles what he’s most excited about for his upcoming trip:

“Austria! Austria is close to the Balkan area. The play is set in 1992 and they say the difference between this war and the Holocaust is that the Holocaust used gas. So I mean it’s quite recent and people here don’t know anything about it. So in South Africa there are a lot of Serbian and Croetian and Bosnian people but in Austria there are even more, so that’s exciting. We can start people talking about it and that’s the beautiful thing about it. That’s the aim of the show – that’s fundamental.”

All the best Miles on your travels and for your exciting venture in Austria!


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