Meet your SBAM: A view into Victoria

Next we chatted to Victoria, our resident number lady, who whips up all the money money money! She handles our accounting, bookkeeping and chases down clients to make sure the cheque’s in the mail when they say it is.

Laurie: What are your qualifications?

Victoria: Life skills. Laughs. No, I’ve owned and operated two businesses, both in service and retail industries: one a franchise and one a PYT limited. And my children are all grown up…

Amy: And beautiful.

Victoria: …and I hope that my knowledge has benefited the company and the girls. I like to keep myself busy.

Laurie: What does a day in the SBAM office look like for you?

Victoria: Wonderful. Exciting. Fun. Busy. Every day is different.

Laurie: What do you do?

Amy: Talks to Amy.

Victoria: Plays with the cats. Chats to Clare and Amy. Distracts Samantha. Pats the dogs because I miss animals. Can’t wait for the kids to get home because I miss mine so I enjoy hers tremendously. In fact today we’re having baking after Ethan and Rebecca’s homework. Cheese pie is on the menu.

Laurie: And a bit of accounting.

Victoria: I don’t do much here actually. It’s too hectic here: too many distractions and I need to concentrate.

Amy: Answer the phones.

Victoria: Ya. I follow up on stuff.

Clare: Put the actors in their places when they’re naughty.

Victoria: The actors are NEVER naughty. I follow up on money from all the production houses.

Laurie: What do you do when you’re not at work?

Victoria: I work from home. That’s when I do all the accounting side of things.

Laurie: Do you have any other clients that you work for?

Victoria: No, as of March 2016 I am permanently employed here and officially part of the family.

Laurie: What do you do in your spare time?

Victoria: I look after my mom who is 89 and her old pal who is 88 and we have hair-dos on Tuesdays. Actually we look after each other.  I am very blessed to have my mom with me as the saying goes, “Your mother is your best friend and sticks with you through thick and thin.”  And in between I do the accounting side of SBAM. Cooking is also one of my passions.

Laurie: If you could travel to any country in the world where would you go?

Victoria: Thailand because I want to go and work with the orangutans.  Laughs. I find them absolutely fascinating. They’re such gentle creatures. Have you watched any of those programmes on DSTV? You pay to go and work there! It’s on my wish list.

Laurie: And what do you enjoy most about working for Samantha?

Victoria: The action. It’s been very exciting to see the company grow. And the entertainment when I’m here. We have a lot of laughs. Most important, Samantha is the best boss in the world. I have kissed a lot of frogs along the way.


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