Q&A with Jeremeo Le Cordeur

Jeremeo Le Cordeur embarks on his first one-man show under Vulture Productions. We chatted to him about this experience and his production company.

Q1: Tell us more your show, Jerry: A metaphor for unconventional heroes.

Jerry tells the story of an ordinary guy whose life takes a turn toward the unexpected when he’s the recipient of a mysterious “life changing” pizza delivery. It’s a postmodernism performance; monologue-based with a mixture of different styles and bouts of physical comedy driving the pace.

Q2: You created this show. What was your process?

It varies with each production. The production, and it’s content usually dictates the creative process for me, each show has its own rhythm. I work in a forever-changing theatre environment.

Q3: This is your first one-man show. How have you found that experience?

It is my first solo-theatre experience; the most exciting/terrifying I’ve had thus far. It’s definitely a journey that inspires you to become a better performer.

Q4: You say Vulture Productions picks up edgy and thought-provoking projects. One of your last projects was John, about sex work. How do you go about choosing projects?

Often, the project chooses itself. Some productions started with conversations amongst my peers whilst others, started through artists who approached me to assist with the exploration of their ideas.  It’s always been my intent to establish Vulture Productions as a platform that encourages the creation and implementation of original South African works.

Q5: What’s up next for Vulture Productions?

I would love to workshop a “Fame” inspired musical with an ensemble cast. Something that would showcase a journey through the arts within South Africa.

Don’t miss this exciting new show. It runs from 29 June to 2 July at Artscape. You can book tickets here.


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