Q&A with Sihle Mnqwazana

Sihle Mnqwazana’s new production, Identirrhagging, will be opening on Youth Day, 16th June 2016 at the Rosebank Theatre for a short run until 18th June. We chatted to him about him about this young actor about this production.

Q1: Tell us more about your play, Identirrhagging.

Identirrhagging is a play that explores identity loss in young people who leave home to get educated. It asks questions such as “Is it possible with the current education system to remain true to yourself, your mother tongue and your culture?”

 Q2: Why should people come to watch this production?

Many people had questions about the recent student protests happening around campuses in the country. This play dives into the minds of the students and gives us a glimpse of the feelings they had about having their identities removed by the Eurocentric nature of most universities. As Tracey Saunders of Cape Time put it: “This play took the protest off campus and put it on stage” for everyone to see

Q3: What drew you to the project?

I am very excited about new forms of writing by young theatre makers. This project allows us to question ourselves and to find creative ways of telling our stories.

Q4: How have you prepared for the role?

During the student protests I attended many meetings and lecture series that were organised by the students themselves. This gave me an idea on just how severe the issue of identity loss is. Little did I know that those many hours spent in those meetings would directly speak to Identirrhagging.

Q5: What are you hoping people take away from the show?

That through Identirrhagging we as young theatre makers are taking control of our careers and through “Age of the Artist” we are sending a message that we will not only wait for employment but take initiative to employ ourselves.

Book for this show by emailing ageoftheartist2016@gmail.com.

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