Q&A with Hilda Cronje

Hilda Cronje has created a new theatre piece, Ebola, which will be playing briefly at the Rosebank Theatre, before touring to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. We spoke to her about this new show.

Q1: You created this show. What was your process for this?

I imagine that with any creative process there are profound feelings of excitement and terror! I spent a week at a rural hospital in KwaZulu Natal, doing research and immersing myself in the world. One can only hope to tell a compelling story based on truth. Once the writing is complete there are challenges of another dimension. How to bring the work from the page to the stage. It has been challenging but artistically ultimately very rewarding.

Q2: How have you found working with Nicolas Ellenbogen?

Nicholas is a legend. What I have learnt from him is unparalleled vision and creativity. Also not to be hard on yourself and to trust the process.

Q3: You’re taking this show to Grahamstown. What are you most looking forward to there?

Hopefully performing to full houses! Also the food from the village green is rather delicious. And watching many new and inspiring bits of theatre.

Q4: What preparation went into the production of this show

We have had a three week rehearsal process and I have also needed to build the set and bring my vision to life.

Q5: What have you most enjoyed about this production?

Working as an ensemble and learning to trust your fellow actors. There is also something intimate that develops within the narrative and the audience which compels me as a theatre performer.

If you’re not going to the National Arts Festival, book your tickets to see this show by phoning Liz at the Rosebank Theatre on 072 316 6133.


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