Q&A with Melissa Haiden

Melissa Haiden will star in the Cock revival, playing at the Alexander Bar Theatre, before it tours to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. The play was last on at the same venue last year, also starring Francis Chouler.

Q1: What’s different this run?

I think that the BIG difference in this run of rehearsals was that I am in a completely different emotional space to where I was when I was rehearsing and performing the play last year. So the big lesson that I’m learning is not to think that I need to recreate something from a past run. We last did Cock 16 months ago so to keep it fresh and meaningful I had to use what experiences are relevant to me now.

Q2: What was the rehearsal process like?

It was such a short rehearsal period – we’ve had six rehearsals which is less than I’m used to – so my brain was everywhere.  I have to continually make an effort to be completely present in being in an reacting to what is unfolding around me. I like it when it changes slightly from night to night because surprise is fire.  I have also had an incredible amount of support from our cast and director, Paul Griffiths. It’s a twisty play and it brings up a lot of suppressed insecurities.

Q3: What are you most excited about for Grahamstown?

I am looking forward to Grahamstown because I feel it will knock the diva out of me. No home comforts – all the shows I will get to feast on …. And also … The Long Table!

If you missed Cock in their previous run, now is a good time to see it. Book your tickets here for the Cape Town run, before the show tours to Grahamstown.

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