Meet your SBAM: Teeing up with Tracy

Tracy is the nanny-cum-cleaning-and-household-manager extraordinaire. This resident African Mary Poppins (except more permanent) is practically perfect in every way. She even contributed to catching a criminal on the run in Bergvliet and got him sent to jail. Spit spot!

Laurie: Where are you from?

Tracy: I’m from Zimbabwe, from Kwekwe, in a small township called Redcliff.

Laurie: Why did you come to South Africa?

Tracy: I came because I was desperately looking for a job and looking for a better life. Zimbabwe is not in a good situation now.

Laurie: How long have you been here?

Tracy: I’ve been here for eight years now.

Laurie: What do you do in your spare time?

Tracy: Playing with my kids and reading novels. And learning to drive.

Laurie: Tell us about your kids.

Tracy: I’ve got two kids. The first one is Lorraine and the other one is Lawrence. Lorraine is fourteen and Lawrence is two. He’s turning three in July.

Laurie: Cute. What do you like most about working for Samantha?

Amy (from the other room): Amy!

Tracy: I’m so lucky. The family is so special to me. They are wonderful people to work for and I really love my job. And they are really special kids.

Amy (from the other room): Did she say Amy?!

Tracy: Laughs.

Amy (from the other room): That’s what I heard.


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