Meet your SBAM: Getting candid with Clare

Clare is the official office animal whisperer. She can be found quietly singing show tunes to the dogs when times get tough and has us in hysterics with her strange voices and impersonations, but she knows her way around a film brief and she puts in the work when it piles up.

Laurie: What did you study at university?

Clare: I got a BA in film and media and then I did an honours in film.

Laurie: What jobs did you do before this one?

Clare: After leaving UCT I did various freelance jobs in the film industry. Two of the jobs I did was working  for a documentary company called Community Health Media Trust. They specialised in making documentaries and an SABC TV series called Siyanqoba Beat It which dealt with HIV/AIDs. I had to transcribe all the different interviews, assist the camera man on shoots and was a runner on the studio shoots. I was a jack of all trades in the company. I worked for a documentary film maker called Robin Rorke and I worked on her documentary film called Shamila’s House. I captured data on the tapes, was a camera assistant and did continuity. We shot the documentary in Mitchells Plain and spent three days walking the streets of Mitchells Plain interviewing people in the community.

Laurie: What do you do in your free time?

Clare: I do belly dancing and I enjoy going out to restaurants and photography. I also like working with animals so every now and again on the weekends I go out to Tears Animal Shelter and walk the dogs and spend time with the animals there. I like to travel, play chess and watch movies.

Laurie: So what got you into belly dancing?

Clare: I used to do hip-hop dancing and Latin dancing and they used to do belly dancing next to my studio and I used to watch them and thought that it looked interesting and so I tried out a class and that was five years ago and I’ve ever looked back.

Laurie: And you do shows?

Clare: Yes three times a year?

Laurie: What’s your favourite band?

Clare. I’m into my rock music so love bands like Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana.

Laurie: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Clare: I enjoy seeing the briefs that come in and seeing what films are being made in South Africa. I like working with all the different artists and personalities. And it’s just a very nice environment with the animals and the children and Samantha’s a very lovely boss to work for.


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