Meet your SBAM: Shining a light on Laurie

The girl with an obsession for musical theatre and all things Harry Potter, the office blog wizard, and official reviewer, Laurie brings that media touch to SBAM, some razzle dazzle if you will, and all that jazz.

Samantha: How long have you been running the SBAM theatre blog?

Laurie: I think it’s been about a year and a half.

Samantha: What do you enjoy about running it?

Laurie: I like being able to talk to the actors. That’s quite fun. And being able to see local theatre productions.

Samantha: And what did you do before?

Laurie: Well I worked here. I was the old Amy. I was a booker. So I would get castings and briefs and I would send them out and I’d talk to actors. I also worked as a substitute drama teacher for a bit at a high school and a junior school.

Samantha: And then you left to pursue journalism?

Laurie: Yes I worked at the Pick n Pay magazine, called Fresh Living, as a copy editor, for a couple of months. And then I went to Australia. My parents and sister live there.

Samantha: And have you ever appeared on the stage yourself?

Laurie: Yeeees! Lots of times.

Samantha: And what do you do on the stage?

Laurie: Well I’m a dancer. And I also appeared in Oklahoma! as a singer, actress and dancer.

Samantha: You actually appeared in that with one of our actors, Rob Coutts.

Laurie: I did. We a few scenes together. We had to dance together and we did what is called an Oklahoma Hello! on stage.

Samantha: And you’re a lady of many talents. You dance and write, but you’re also studying now.

Laurie: Yes. I’m studying psychology. I have a degree in psychology and linguistics and an honours in writing and editing for the media, which is basically journalism. And now I’m doing an honours in psychology.

Samantha: So when you qualify you can be our resident industry psychologist.

Laurie: Yes. I can come counsel all the crazies! Or I can life-coach all the big stars. I can be their on-call industry-informed therapist when their director wants them to tap dance while juggling swords that are on fire, belting out “Don’t Rain on my Parade” wearing a gold Speedo live. It’ll be fun.


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