Twee Grade van Moord: Review

By Laurie Scarborough

Accomplished SBAM actress, Hilda Cronje takes to the Afrikaans big screen in the controversial film Twee Grade van Moord. If her name sounds familiar, you may have seen her in the critically acclaimed play Mies Julie, which toured in South Africa and worldwide, for which she was nominated for a Fleur du Cap and a Naledi award for Best Actress.

Hilda also recently wrote and starred in her first original play, Ebola. This is not Hilda’s first array in the Afrikaans film industry. In 2014 she also starred in film Agterplaas, in which she played a leading role.

The movie also features Louw Venter, Andre Roothman, and John Koopman all from SBAM.

The movie takes on the controversial topic of euthanasia and looks into the lives of two women who go to extreme measures, one for love and one for defense. Although not the lightest subject matter, it is however an important story of love, life, death, choice, and freedom.

Hilda’s performance, as the demonized Tanya, was excellent. She played the character almost with a sinister adolescence that was very disturbing.

There were some issues with the English translation, which I felt, even with my very intermediate level of Afrikaans, often didn’t quite capture the meaning of what was being said.

I’m not sure how much longer it will be showing for, so if you want to watch this film, better make your way down to selected theatres soon.

You can book here.


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