Meet your SBAM: An eye into Amy

The cat lady with a purrfectly wicked sense of humour, the newest addition to the SBAM team, Amy has all the cat’s purring into her lap as she makes her way, with her no-nonsense attitude and her handy notebooks, through the day’s work.

Laurie: Tell me about your training.

Amy: Shouting into the recorder. I studied film…

Laurie: No need to shout.

Amy: I studied film at City Varsity. I majored in editing and producing. It was nice. What else do you say?

Laurie: So you studied film. What are your favourite movies?

Amy: My favourite movies are….Notting Hill. It’s a great classic. Kill Bill. I don’t know. You needed to ask me these before so I could prepare! I’m so nervous. That is all for now.

Laurie: What do you do in your spare time?

Amy: I do heated yoga. I watch a lot of movies and series. I tried running for five minutes but have had to retire due to an injury. I play with my cat. No don’t put that in.

Laurie: Why not?

Amy: Can’t have people reading that. I like trying new restaurants. And I go to the theatre a lot, which is a perk of the job.

Laurie: What do you do when things are quiet in the office?

Amy: I chat to Clare. I – wait should I say something more professional?

Victoria: Like it’s never quiet in the office?

Amy: I call Victoria about very serious business matters. I try to further the business so that the artists can have a better future.

Everyone else in the office: Laughs.

Laurie: What do you like most about this job?

Amy: Clare.

Clare: Aw!

Amy: No, I’m joking.

Clare: Oh.

Amy: I like the family environment. I like working with all the different personalities and that it’s quite high pressure sometimes. And it’s never boring. Except in winter when it’s very boring. Also Samantha buys doughnuts a lot.

Laurie: And if you could kidnap one of the office animals, which one would it be?

Amy: Rainbow. But he never comes in come in the office. Does he count?

Samantha (from the other room): I thought you asked her which actor she would kidnap.

Laurie: Ya I almost asked Clare that but then I thought better not.

Amy: Anyway, Rainbow. He’s really cute and he likes me. And he’s a cat. I’m a cat person! But not in a sad/creepy way. When will this be put on the website? I need to warm the press.


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