Meet your SBAM: Catching up with Colleen

Primary child enchantress and animal hypnotizer, Colleen’s presence in the office makes everything else run smoothly. Mother hen and HR Manager, she’s high flying, adored, and the office would surely spin off its axis without her strong cups of tea during the busy summer months.

Laurie: What do you do at SBAM?

Colleen: I’m the general filler inner. I’m there if someone’s missing, I fetch children, I babysit, feed animals, and look after the house when Samantha’s away. I fill in.

Laurie: What do you do in your spare time?

Colleen: I make toys, I knit, I garden, look after my dog and look after the children.

Laurie: What’s your favourite book?

Colleen: You wouldn’t believe it, but the books I used to read as a child. I still remember them now, the books by Mary Grant Bruce. They were all about Australia and since then I’ve always wanted to go to Australia – right from being a school girl. You’ve probably never heard of them?

Laurie: No. How hipster of you.

Colleen: Mm, I didn’t think you had.

Laurie: What jobs did you do before you worked here?

Colleen: I was a librarian at Harrods and in Cape Town at the Rondebosch library. I worked in Garlick’s in PE before I was married. And in a nursery school. I worked in a bookshop. But mostly the libraries.


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