Hello & Welcome: A review

Mother City Sketch’s newest skit show hit the stage at the Alexander Bar Theatre last week for three nights only. The show was conceptualised by and starred our own Tamith Hattingh and fellow sketch artist Jessica Munna.

The show took the form of a series of comedy sketches looking at a range of topics like life after children, handling single life, politics and even “sexploration”. The political aspects of the show were particularly relevant with the recent elections.

All the sketches were hilarious and geniusely written by Tamith, Jessica and another Mother City Sketch comedian, Pags Bantwana. My favourite part of the show was actually the introduction to the show which saw Jessica and Tamith in air-hostess outfits running us through the rules of the show. It was so creative and had the audience in stitches before the show had even begun.

Between scene changes there were audio and video scenes which were also funny and a good way to give the performers a chance to changes costumes and wigs (and accents).

Mother City Sketch will be putting out a new show soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Take a look at their website here.


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