Q&A with Megan Spencer

Welcome to Megan Spencer, who joined the SBAM family yesterday! Megan will be starring in the Waterfront Theatre College’s Broadway or Bust, a musical revue celebrating Broadway over the years.

Q1: Tell us a bit about the show your starring in, Broadway or Bust.

Broadway or Bust is a musical revue directed and choreographed by Garth Tavares. We will be performing songs from 20 different musicals with a cast of 100 actors… It sounds crazy but we actually pull it off! The end product is incredibly versatile with lively singing and dancing, yet includes serious and tear jerking moments too. The show, if I can describe it in one word would be EPIC, simply based on the amount of props, cast and musical numbers. (It’s also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, if I do say so myself).

Q2: What characters will you be playing and what are the accompanying songs that you’ll be singing?

I will playing 3 different roles in this show. An uptight office woman from the musical 9 to 5 (“Around Here”), the fairy princess/the gingerbread man from Shrek: The Musical (“Freak Flag”) and The Witch from the musical Into the Woods (“The Prologue”). I am also part of an all female ensemble in the musical number “There Goes the Ball game”. I am part of backstage crew as well and so between playing these roles I help set up and collect props/set for the show.

Q3: Whats your favourite of the characters and why?

My absolute favourite character would be The Witch from the musical Into the Woods. To the core she is simply an old woman who wants to be loved by her  daughter. Yet with this character, the actor has the freedom to go over the top and is able to add that element of what one would consider a witch to have. This is what I love to do! I  chose to completely change/morph  my physicality and my vocal quality to suit a slightly off the wall witch. For me that is a type of freedom I don’t have in the real world. Also, I love the costume; this always helps me to get into the character immediately.

Q4: Who would love this show?

A lot of people hear “musical theatre” and have an idea of what the show might be like, which is completely fair!
But Broadway or Bust is on a whole new level. People of all ages and of all cultural backgrounds will resonate with this show because it has a song for everyone; from Shrek: The Musical to The Colour Purple.  Musical theatre is an emerging medium in South Africa and so this show is demonstrating the magic of that medium, which makes it relevant for  everyone (specifically Broadway or Bust).

To book your tickets to see Megan in this revue, email this address: thegallowaytheatre@gmail



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