Q&A with Robyn Williams

Robyn Williams is starring in the original play, The Price of Meat, which looks at how women and the female body is perceived in society.

Q1: Tell us a bit more about the production you are starring in, The Price of Meat.

We explore the lives of seven women and their experiences with men.  We use pop music, song and dance to address topics such as depression, domestic violence, lust and even twerking.

Q2: Who is your character?

I play the character of a woman who gets abused by her husband. In public she pretends to have the perfect life and hides a lot of what she’s dealing with at home. She’s a woman who is in denial and believes that the life she lives is normal.

Q3: The show is aimed at senior high school students. What have the audience responses been like so far?

We had a Q&A session after every show so we had time to unpack the show and answer any questions the audience might’ve had. The majority of the audience found it very insightful and one of the woman commented by saying it was invaluable. My favourite response was from a guy who had watched the show in Grahamstown. He said that the show really made him think of how he can improve the way he treats his wife and said he needs to go home and tell her how much her appreciates her.

Q4: Why is this production important?

The play brings awareness and brings light to the social issues that society fails to address.

To  see The Price of Meat make sure you catch it at the Cape Town Fringe Festival.


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