Broadway or Bust Review

By Laurie Scarborough

The Waterfront Theatre College’s newest offering, Broadway or Bust, has opened at the Masque Theatre. The musical review, featuring a selection of songs from musicals, has celebrated sold-out audiences.

The show features numbers from musicals that are old favourites and as well as new modern musicals. As a real musical theatre nerd, I loved seeing numbers from musicals that I’ve only ever watched on YouTube because they haven’t come to Cape Town, or even South Africa yet. Musicals such as The Wedding Singer, Into the Woods, 9 to 5, Shrek: The Musical, Company, and Avenue Q were great to experience live.

There was a great variety of classic musical Broadway numbers, filled with great choreography and great singing. The cast of students reached 100 talented members and they were all excellent, and seemed like they were enjoying themselves so much on stage – it was infectious. The backstage area of the Masque Theatre is so small so I shudder to think of the logistics of all the many cast members, costume changes, props, and set changes. But it was all done so smoothly and professionally, that it’s clear that these students, many of whom also helped backstage, are ready for their professional careers in show biz.

We at SBAM had two artists in the show, both final year students who are graduating at the end of the year. Megan Spencer, who played the Gingerbread Man in the Shrek number, and The Witch in the Into the Woods prologue, really brought quirkiness to each of her characters. She also helped out behind the scenes as a stage manager. Catharine Hill, who really shone amongst a crowd of other girls on stage, really stood out in the Company number, “You can drive a person crazy”. She also functioned as a vocal coach to the singers.

I think the only thing that bothered me about the show was that it seemed like they were using vocal tracks to accompany the singers on stage in the big choral numbers. I just thought this was quite unnecessary since there was such a huge cast of really talented students.

It’s clear that these students have a bright future, and I would highly recommend this show for anyone who loves musical theatre, Broadway, or just a good show.

You can book tickets by clicking here.


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