Q&A with Ntsika Majiba

Ntsika Majiba, has landed the gig of his dreams. He is now the new host of his own talk show, Chat with Ntsika, airing on DSTV on channel 263, CTV. The show gets personal with Cape Town personalities in their own spaces. Get to know Ntsika and his vision more by reading our interview with the new interview man himself.

Q1: Describe yourself in 5 words.

Talented, passionate, confident, fierce and God-fearing.

Q2: Your show premiered on 9 September. How did your it show go?

The show went very well. I am pleased with the feedback we received. Although I was very anxious for the season premiere, it went well

Q3: How did you get involved with this project?

I always had dreams of one day having my own talk show. I didn’t expect it so soon though. I spontaneously had the urge to pursue my goals. I sent in many proposals to various production companies, and we received many rejection letters since 2014. I eventually decided to form my own production team, got producers on board and recorded a pilot early last year and after two years of pitching to CTV, they eventually bought in to the vision and allowed us to air the show.

Q4: Who is the target audience for this show and who should definitely add it to their “must watch” list?

I know this answer is cheesy and somewhat vague, but I cannot dictate who should and should not watch. I can however say, anyone who relates with the compelling stories shared and the meaningful conversations, should definitely watch. It is truly an inspirational show.

Q5: What are you most excited about for this new venture?

I am excited that my dream is unfolding and that others can benefit from it as well. I am also very excited that people will get to see and experience very good conversation that I, together with my team want to inspire our viewers with.

The show broadcasts on Friday nights at 6pm on CTV, channel 263.


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