Q&A with Sven-Eric Müller

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has opened to rave reviews at the Theatre on the Bay. SBAM’s Sven-Eric Müller, recently seen in the smash hit West Side Story, features in this production taking Cape Town by storm.

Q1: Tell us about your roles in Joseph? I hear you play multiple characters.

I play Simeon the second eldest son of Jacob. It’s not really like we are playing multiple roles but more like we transform into whatever background folk the scene requires. It happens once in Potiphar where we become slaves to Mrs. Potiphar. And then in Act 2 we lose most of our clothes and become guards/people of the court of Pharoah.

Q2: The show traveled to Joburg. How are the audiences different there compared to Cape Town? 

In general, in JHB we would have more and louder reactions to specific gags and jokes throughout the show, where a CT audience will be more reserved during the show but then jump to their feet a lot easier at the end of the show. The general audience in JHB was also more keen on audience participation. Both JHB and CT audiences have been great. Packed houses with great responses is a great reaction to a timeless story

Q3: This is a well-known show. Who do you think would love to see this show?

Anyone who loves a high energy show. It is simple, flashy entertainment that is aimed at all ages. It really is non-stop and full-on the whole way through. It’s the age old story with a bit of modern refurbishing here and there to enhance the fun of it. It’s a fun show… whoever you are in the audience – make sure you come to have fun.

Q4: If the guy from Dancers of New York/Human of New York approached you, what would your story be?

Thats hard to say I don’t really have a story that is as moving and luscious as those on the blog. I’m a small town boy from Namibia who wanted to perform. So I threw myself in the deep end when I moved to CT, determined to make it a reality. Through missteps and bad judgement calls I was forced to realise my limits and my worth and somehow ended up taking on the industry as I had hoped and dreamed. (With a lot of room for improvement and growth.) In life you will only ever be a great human being if growth is on your agenda. The only way to grow is by knowing your worth yet limiting ego, being kind and living compassionately.

Be sure to catch Sven in this colourful, fun show. Book here.


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