Q&A with Calvyn Grandling

Calvyn Grandling is currently featured in Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat, as Levi. He is fresh back from the West End, where he was understudying the lead role of Simba, as well as starring in international productions as Simba, in Tony and Olivier award-winning musical, The Lion King. We chatted to him about his new role in Joseph as well as some of his experiences over the past few years.

Q1: Tell us about your roles in Joseph? I hear you play multiple characters.

I play Levi, one of the eleven brothers. And get to play one of Pharaohs fan boys and I also sing “Benjamin Calypso”.

Q2: The show traveled to Joburg. How are the audiences different there compared to Cape Town?

Joburg audience are very expressive through the whole show and Cape Town mostly show it when we are done, but both work!

Q3: This is a well-known show. Who do you think would love to see this show?

This is a great show for all people in all walks of life to see: great lessons and great singing.

Q4: If the guy from Dancers of New York/Humans of New York approached you, what would your story be?

No matter where you’re from, your gift has the power to transport you to all corners of the earth. It starts by taking the first step. Despite the poverty and dangerous environment I grew up in, I had music and spirituality in my family. I grew up in Macassar in a street called Musical Avenue and when I was 6 years old, I moved to the B Flats in Doh Street. Realizing now that the very place where I grew up or started was important for where I am today. I just recently finished eight years abroad on the musical, The Lion King. And I am finally back home to continue the journey. You should never underestimate the power of your first step. Mine started by going for one audition in Nyanga, a place I never dreamed of going to for an opportunity of a life time. Today I am living a dream I never dreamt of and I’ve met some incredible people who’ve added so much value to my life. Today I am a man opposite to who I thought I would be.

To book to catch Calvyn in Joseph, click here.


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