Q&A with Terence Makapan

Recent Waterfront Theatre College graduate, Terence Makapan has recently join the SBAM family. After a successful run at The Cape Town Fringe Festival last year with his play, Kinders van die Wind, he has written and directed a new play, Jack & Jane. The play follows a couple who have an interesting arrangement for their future marriage. We caught up with Terence about Jack & Jane.

Q1: Tell us a little about what brings you to the SBAM family.

I graduated from the Waterfront Theatre College last year where I majored in Musical Theatre. Despite wanting to be a performer my whole life, I started developing a new passion for writing and directing towards the end of my studies. I decided to focus on the creator in me during my first year out of college, with my main goal being to have my debut production Kinders van die Wind, make it into the Cape Town Fringe Festival (which it did). I checked that box and decided that I want to start performing again as that was always my first love. Choosing SBAM was a very easy choice. I had a few friends from WTC who joined over the last two years and only had wonderful things to say. Then of course there was the fact that it’s relatively small and any artist would want an agency where they can stand out.

Q2: What inspired Jack & Jane?

Jack & Jane was inspired by the production The Emissary by one of my favourite South African playwrights: Louis Viljoen. I love his style of writing and directing and I’ve always wanted to do something with a similar influence. He’s my creative crush of the year.

Q3: What is your writing and directing process?

I don’t have a specific writing process; it’s always different. I wrote Kinders van die Wind over the space of a year, with most scenes being formulated in my head whilst watching other shows. I got the idea for Jack & Jane while driving home one night and I managed to write the whole thing within a month. Sometimes I find inspiration in the most random of things; it’s always different. The most important thing for me as a director is that actors understand the psychology of their characters. Our first three rehearsals of Jack & Jane were spent sitting down, discussing and debating the characters. From that point onward I like to put the emphasis on how you want to affect the other character/s. It’s not about how you feel anymore at that point; you should know that by now. The main goal is to find out what your character wants and how they’re going to achieve it.

Q4: If the Humans of New York guy wanted to photograph you, what would your story be?

As the son of a maid, I grew up in other people’s backyard. I’ve lived in Sea Point, Vredehoek, Bellville and Bantry Bay but never in a house of my own. But I was content. I always wanted to be a train driver but I quickly realised when I got to high school that it wasn’t the best career choice in South Africa. So now I create art, I live in Camps Bay, drive a little white Ford Fiesta and I’m a proud uncle. I guess 5-year-old me would think I’m living the life.

To book tickets for the play, click here. The show runs 27-29 October. No under 16s.


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