Q&A with Rob Coutts

Our dear Rob Coutts is starring as Snoopy in the Milnerton Playhouse’s production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. As presumably the tallest Snoopy in history, we caught up with him about his role and the musical.

Q1: How did you get involved with the musical?

I do singing lessons with a wonderful teacher called Bonny White who informed me about the auditions and also helped me get primed and ready. I was especially keen to audition because I know the director Neil Leachman from working with him in a G & S production of Oklahoma! in 2014 at the Artscape Theatre.

Q2: You are reunited with a few people you’ve worked with before for this project. How has it working with the familiar faces, and meeting the new ones?

It’s been great working with Neil again, this time he’s the director and not an actor but I respected him a lot as an actor, so I knew I would enjoy being directed by him. It’s also great to perform with Matthew De Klerk again, after sharing the role of Will Parker in Oklahoma!. It’s been awesome being Snoopy to his Charlie Brown; it kind of reflects our off stage friendship too. The rest of the cast are absolutely wonderful. I’ve performed in musical showcases with Richard, Georgia and Amy before but it’s a whole other ballgame when doing a full show together. They are totally brilliant! Then there’s Lenny, an amazing singer from Gabarone, Botswana performing in his first ever musical as Shroeder. He is seriously awesome, absolutely perfect for his role!

Q3: You’ve worked in live theatre, comedy, musicals, film and television. Which would you say is your favourite and why?

Wow, that’s incredibly hard to answer. I think I do what I do because I love it all. I am incredibly lucky that I do everything that I love. Improv comedy is one of my biggest passions in life and I would never want to stop doing that, but I love scripted theatre and musicals too. Nothing gives me more pleasure than truly nailing a song on stage in front of an audience with a super cast backing you. I love TV and film too because the experience of being on set and part of a cast bringing the story-line together through your role is epic. It’s exhilarating and exciting. So my dream would be to star in a movie, about a musical which is partly improvised, with many cool songs accompanied by an orchestra and a rock band! I hope you are ok with that roundabout answer.

Q4: Pitch us the show. Why should we see it?

You want to see it because anyone who has experienced any happiness through Charlie Brown or Peanuts will relate straight away and enjoy the characters coming to life. It’s a light-hearted musical with a strong message and snappy humour. If you enjoy musical theatre you will enjoy this because the music is truly fantastic and everyone pulls off there respective solos superbly. If you know me, then you want to see me in a giant Snoopy onesie! Some say its cute, others adorable, I think its adorably cute. Plus I dance like a Sugarplum and sing like the ice-princess from Frozen. It’s beautiful!

Shows are from 25 November to 10 December, with a reduced ticket rate for kids, at the Milnerton Playhouse.


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