Review: The Heroin Diaries

Melissa Haiden sure has been a busy girl this year. Starting out with a Shakespeare at Maynardville (Othello, Desdemona), followed by The Vagina Monologues, then an extended run of last year’s Cock, an unusual performance of Tennessee Williams’ Hotel Plays (Green Eyes), and finally an original Cape Town play, The Heroin Diaries.

This, her third collaboration with Fred Abrahamse this year, once again highlights Melissa’s versatility as an actress. She plays Leila, a smart young girl seeking to forget her past. She meets Craig, a heroin dealer, whom she hopes is the key to her oblivion.

The two-hander production follows an afternoon with Criag and Leila, two strangers seeking the same goal. It chronicles the stories of people living with drug abuse and addiction. The writer, who also stars as Criag, Milton Schorr, based these stories on his own experience with users of drugs and so the story has a very real, gritty feel to it. Both Milton and Melissa’s performances mirrored the authenticity of the text.

The story had a dark message of the dangers of drug use but also the never-ending cycle of chasing a high, and so is an important tale to tell, with growing drug problems for young people in Cape Town.

Another knock-out for Melissa for sure! There is one more performance, on Saturday 26 November. You can book tickets here.


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