Q&A with Gabriel Meltz

Gabriel Meltz is co-starring in the latest Nicholas Ellenbogen creation, Murdering Agatha Christie, a comedy murder mystery farce. We caught up with Gabriel about his new show.

Q1: Tell us a little about the show.

The show takes place in a hotel in Bulawayo, circa 1948. There are dead bodies, cocktails, murder weapons, suspects, music, dance, a freezer and excellent Nick Ellenbogen humour!

Q2: Who do you play?

I play three different characters, all with different accents and all big schemers. By the end of the show I am pretty exhausted from changing and running around like a bit of a mad man.

Q3: How has it been working with Cape Town theatre legend, Nicholas Ellenbogen?

Working with Nicholas and Liz Ellenbogan has been amazing. They both have such positive, encouraging energies and are always full of surprises. On opening night we were standing backstage and Nick said to me, “Gabriel tonight I want you to be very naughty,” with his very sneaky smile.

Q4: How on earth have you all made Agatha Christie funny?

Nicholas has made it hilarious. Imagine a murder mystery where everyone thinks it might have been them and is trying to play it very cool. It’s like a very theatrical version of Cluedo.

Q5: Why is this the perfect show for the holidays?

This show is so much fun, there is singing and dancing and killers on the loose. It will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Also the Rosebank Theatre is such a cool relaxed environment, you can bring in your glass of wine or beer and have a very chilled entertaining evening.

To book your tickets click here. The show runs at the Rosebank Theatre until 31 December.


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