Q&A with Delray Halgryn

Delray Halgryn, currently starring in Annie as the vacuous gold-digger, Lily St. Regis, has recently returned to Cape Town for the local run of the show. We chatted to her about her first supporting role in a big musical.

Q1: So this is your first big role in a large-scale production. Have you enjoyed sinking your teeth into an interesting character?

Yes this has been my first supporting lead role in a large-scale musical and I have loved the whole experience. Lily is such a feisty broad and its been thrilling exploring the character. It’s always fun to play a villain and we get up to some definite mischief in this show.

Q2: Having worked in both types of roles, is it harder work being in a featured role or in the ensemble? Which one do you enjoy more?

Thats a good question. Now having played both I think I can say that you work equally as hard. In the ensemble you work so hard because you are in so many dance numbers and have so many changes (especially in our Annie ensemble, they dance their hearts out) but when you have a featured role you definitely feel a bit of pressure to live up to people’s expectations of the character and also to give the character your own personal interpretation, so it’s a fine balance. And our AnnieSA team really work together as a fabulous team. But I do love having acting scenes so in that regard I’d say I prefer having a role.

Q3: How have you found working with all the kids?

The kids have been amazing. They are so full of energy and excitement that it’s very contagious. They are also very professional in how they conduct themselves backstage. I also think the amazing chaperones, Lucy Woolley and Caitlin Salgado, who have been looking after the girls, are teaching them some amazing work ethic principles.

Q4: What have you enjoyed most about this production?

As with any production, learning new things, gaining insight into the industry and meeting new people have played a major role in how much I have enjoyed this production. It has been a brilliant team effort from the start and I am so grateful to be apart of it.

To see Delray in Annie, book your tickets soon! You can book here.


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