Q&A with Rachel Turck

Rachel Turck, the 12-year-old taking the Artscape Opera House by storm, tells us about landing her first big musical theatre role, as the orphan Tess in Annie.

Q1: Tell us about your audition process?

The process took quite a while to get through, and through the rounds more and more people were cut. In round one we were put into groups and then put into even smaller groups to sing the songs that we had previously prepared. Then started singing solos. I was lucky enough to get an Annie script at the end of the day but then I wasn’t chosen to play her. We then went into a dancing round where learnt some of the choreography.

After that there was an acting round where we would read some of the script from different characters and every time we went in we would read a different part. And finally at the end of a very long second day, the rest of us remaining were called in. They started to then call out girls’ names and they would have to stand up. These girls where going through and the ones sitting down were cut. We were then put into casts and told what our characters were. They said to us these are NOT our set casts and probably not our set characters. And they were right! When we started rehearsals they would put us in casts and muddle us up every day. So basically every day the casts changed so we could learn how to work with different people. Only in the 2nd last week of rehearsals they told us our set casts and we had to make a team name, and my casts name is MANHATTAN!

Q2: How have you found working in a big and famous production like Annie?

I have found that working in Annie is one of the most incredible experiences of my life! At times it was tough learning the choreography but at the same time it was super fun. It can also be nerve-racking but exciting. My first performance was so exciting I had to contain myself, which I found was really difficult! It is a massive privilege to be able to perform in such an amazing production!

Q3: What have you enjoyed the most about the show?

The things I’ve enjoyed most about the show, are getting to make new friends, learning amazing choreography, singing incredible songs and having the excitement whenever I perform!

Q4: How does it feel to perform on a huge professional stage like the Artscape Opera Theatre?

It feels amazing! I’ve never performed on such a big stage in my life! It feels incredible standing in the big red wings waiting to go on stage. I only dreamed of performing on a stage as big as the Opera stage. I also feel very privileged that I am able to perform on this stage with such talented actors and actresses and it makes me feel like I am a professional, and let me tell you that feeling is amazing!

Don’t miss rising triple-threat talent, Rachel, in this season’s Annie production. you can book tickets here.


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