Adam Neill says GO THEATRE

By Laurie Scarborough

Most of us in the industry know the importance of theatre; It tells a human story, and if it’s any good it makes us laugh, it makes us cry, it makes us think, it leaves us changed. The lovely Adam Neill, actor of television, film and most germane to this post, The Theatre, knows this too.

So, he and some friends have been on a mission to civilise audiences over the past few years. Together they have taken on the formidable Shakespeare, but their quirky and original interpretations have left audiences in awe. Shakespeare can be entertaining without losing the original story or modernising to the point of obliteration.

Adam has been involved with both of the productions so far, Midsummer Night’s Dream and King Lear. He says they like to work differently to other theatre productions. “One of the reasons that some of the stuff we do is so original is because the usual way of working on something is that you have a director who says, ‘Mm I think it looks like this’, and then impose their ideas on everyone else.”

He says, “How we tend to work is: Okay, these are the characters, this is the scene. Where are we? Who are we? What are we doing? It’s a bit more organic. And what it does is it makes you very true to the text because you have to follow the text you’re given as opposed to following a director’s vision of what it should be.”

Adam says they like to work with a tagline for each production to help define and shape the direction of the show. King Lear‘s was “this time it hurts” and their next production, Twelfth Night has “everything is negotiable in the dark”.

In the past, actor’s have worked for profit share on these productions, but this time Adam and co. are doing a crowd-funding effort in order to have upfront capital to pay actors with so they can dedicate time to a rehearsal period. They are calling for all those willing to support their independent and original production of Twelfth Night. 

If all goes well, they are hoping to open at the end of February at an undisclosed stage. If you would like to support Adam and the rest of the quirky Twelfth Night team, you can donate to the crowd fund. You can donate as little as $5. Click here to read more info and to support.


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