SBAM artists celebrate multiple CATA Award nominations

By Laurie Scarborough

Today, the CATA Award nominations were announced and SBAM artists, Megan Spencer, Rob Coutts, and Julie Summers were nominated. Here is a little bit on info about each nominee and their show.

Megan Spencer: Best Newcomer, Leading Actress

megan-spencer-sbamMegan starred as the Yellow Girl in Shout! The Mod Musical. The musical follows five girls living in London through the 60s and features familiar tunes from the period. Megan’s Yellow Girl was highly praised, especially for her mature take on an older character, an American who travels to London to see The Beatles. The show chronicles the girls as they seek advice from an Agatha Aunt who works for the magazine “Shout!”. Congrats, Megan, on your breakout role in Cape Town theatre.

Rob Coutts: Leading Actor

rob-coutts-sbamRob starred as the world’s largest Snoopy in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Cape Town rejoiced when they saw him in his dog onesie, droopy ears and all. The musical follows the well-known characters from the “Peanuts” comics.  Loyal, good-natured, and a little dopey, Snoopy really was the perfect fit for dear old Rob. Was he born for this role? Who knows. (Yes.) Well done Rob, for your second CATA award nomination.

Julie Summers: Leading Actress

julie-summers-sbamJulie starred in the two-hander one-act comedy, The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish, as Alice, wife to Henry. Both consumed by fantasies, they each depart on an imaginary journey that ultimate brings them together. The play is told through the eyes of Orca, the ever-present goldfish. Julie was praised for her authentic, amusing and skilful depiction of Alice. Congratulations to Julie, for adding another CATA nomination to the résumé.

We wish them all good luck in the upcoming award ceremony!


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