Siv Ngesi explores the world for new TV show, Winging It

By Laurie Scarborough

SBAM actor and comedian, Siv Ngesi, has joined forces with Janez Vermeiren for a new TV programme, Winging It. The pair hit it off while filming Mancave, a TV magazine show on SABC 3.

The new show sees Siv and Janez spread their wings and travel around the globe. An exciting adventure awaits in each episode as the audience follows the pair around their destinations. Unlike most travel shows, Winging It showcases the “off the beaten track” or “roads less traveled” aspects of each destination. Don’t expect to see famous sites, but rather unknown gems discovered by walking the streets, and of course, Google.

Touring as budget travelers, the pair try every unusual experience that crosses their path. From eating strange delicacies like 13-week-old fertilised duck eggs and snake soup, to sumo wrestling a 165kg wrestler, you will simultaneously squirm and laugh through each episode.

An unlikely pair, Siv and Janez highlight different perspectives on travelling, making it the perfect travel show for everyone.

Winging It premieres this Sunday, 29 January, at 5pm on M-Net (DStv channel 101), featuring the beautiful Thailand and Vietnam.


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