Q&A with Byron Bure

Our second Rent Q&A is with director, Byron Bure. After training at the Waterfront Theatre College, Byron is a trained actor, dancer, and singer. Adding directing to his list of talents, he makes his mark on the theatre industry by being a quadruple-threat professional.

Q1: How did you get involved with this project?


I got contacted by The Stephan Fourie Theatre Company, whom, after an interview process, offered me the job as director of the production.

Q2: Tell us about your process as a director? Do you think being an actor as well influences that process?

The job of the director is a rather extensive, and overlooks many different aspects within the pre-planning and rehearsals of the production. My job is to develop the creative and artistic vision of the piece. With the help of the musical director, set designer, lighting designer and costume designer, we begin creating the a world in which we communicate the script and music, whilst highlighting important themes that are relevant to our audiences. I plan and lead the rehearsals; guiding the actors in the best way to accurately and sensitively showcase Jonathan Larson’s work.

Of course being an actor helps! I am able to use the acting lingo, techniques and styles to help create the best work possible.

Q3: What excites you most about this production?

I am most excited by the beauty of the actors’ work coming to life. Every member of this cast has spent a great deal of time developing their characters; fine-tuning and carefully constructing a performance that will speak to the hearts of not only artists in our country, but to anyone who has had to face any sort of personal struggle in their lives. This musical helps us remember the importance of community and living life to its fullest.

Click here to book for Rent. It runs at the Artscape Arena from 16-25 Feb.


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