The play that goes wrong does everything right

By Laurie Scarborough

The West End and Broadway new theatre hit, The Play That Goes Wrong, had its South African premiere in Joburg earlier this year. It transferred to Cape Town this month and has been bring down the house (and the scenery) in a raucous cacophony of laughter.

The play was teased to international audiences for the first time in the Royal Variety Show last year.

The SA production is directed by loved comedian, Alan Committie, with an all-South African cast, including well-known playwright (resident writer at The Fugard), Louis Viljoen. Russell Savadier, Robert Fridjhon, Craig Jackson, Roberto Pombo, Nicole Franco, Theo Landey, and Sive Gubangxa also star.

The hilarious play follows an amateur theatre troupe as they embark on their most ambitious performance yet, Murder at Havisham House (I mean Manor). The inept group of actors and stage hands are powerless as the performance spins out of control. Dangerous sets, bad acting, pronunciation errors, technical difficulties, and periodically unconscious and competitive cast mates stand in the way of their perfect performance.

Not a minute passes without a laugh as the actors stumble their way to the end of the catastrophic play and although ridiculous, you can really see this happening. This is one for anyone who enjoys laughing, but also theatre actors who know what it’s like when things go wrong on stage. It hits the nail on the head, and tickles the audience until their sides hurt.

The play closes mid-June. Book tickets here.


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