Q&A with Tamith Hattingh

The second Mama City Improv Fest is coming up in October this year. But the need our help! We chatted to multitalented SBAM artist, Tamith Hattingh, producer of the MCIF, about her involvement, the fun of improv and how to support MCIF 2017.

Q1: This is the 2nd MCIF. How was last year’s one and why did you decide to do it again?
In its first year MCIF was a huge success. We had teachers and players from Canada, USA and UK teach some amazing workshops during the days and take part in shows in the evenings along with other improv troupes from Cape Town such as Improguise, The Chocolate Sunday Blues and the Coffee Breaks. We had many improv fans, both professional and amateur, attend the workshops and shows but we also gained some new lovers of improv helping us grow South Africa’s improv community.

Q2: Who are you hoping to attract to CT for this year’s fest?
EVERYONE! We don’t discriminate, well maybe against the humourless. Improv isn’t just for experienced improvisors or performers, it’s a non-judgemental and supportive community for everyone to take part in – be it as a old-hand actor, newbie improvisor, someone who just wants to play, or an audience member (and no, you don’t get picked on…well sometimes).

Q3: Why is a festival of improv a good thing to support?
The improv scene/community in South Africa is pretty small so we are looking to grow that and spread the improv love. By backing us on our Kickstarter page people will be helping make sure this year’s fest happens and is amazing. Plus they will also get some awesome rewards like early bird tickets to workshops or shows, t-shirts, notebooks and social media punts!

When people hear the word improv, they immediately think of the TV show Whose Lines Line Is it Anyway and the first words that come out of their mouths is “I could never do that”. But improv is so much more than being funny/witty/making things up on stage. Improv is used in schools, businesses and communities to build confidence, creativity, promote supportive team work in a non-judgemental atmosphere where the are NO MISTAKES and our favourite words are YES AND… We improvise every day without knowing it anyway, why not have fun while doing it!

Q4: Why are you involved in improv?
From a young age I always knew I wanted to be a performer. I loved the freedom of being able to play weird and wonderful characters and improv lends itself to just that. I love laughing and playing. I don’t ever want to forget what it’s like to play like a child, use my imagination and create magical worlds, scenarios and characters. So for me, improv is my outlet and gets my creative juices flowing. My troupe are like my second family and the principles of improv have taught me so much about how to deal with life and its curve balls. The brilliance of improv and all of its facets extends way beyond the stage! When that improv bug bites, it bites hard!

Q5: What’s different this year?
This year, MCIF is going to be bigger and better! With the help of our Indiegogo campaign we will be bringing more amazing and super experienced international improvisors over to host more amazing workshops and along with South African improvisors take part in multiple shows. This year we have started producing the fest way in advance and are doing our best to make MCIF 2017 the most inspiring, entertaining and of course hilarious five days of the year! It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone and everyone to get involved with improv – from beginner classes for those who want to learn a bit about improv and get playing, to experience intensives. We have it all!

Note from Tami: Help us make MCIF 2017 happen by backing us on our Indiegogo page – no amount is too small and your pledge will get you the absolute BEST early bird specials. Your support on Indiegogo will allow the festival organisers to be ahead of the game, bring in amazing teachers and provide some bells and whistles too!  If you can’t donate please share our page with friends and family – let’s make MCIF 2017 happen!

To contribute to their goal, click here. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @mamacityimprov. To find more information on MCIF click here.


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