Several of SBAM’s artistes went to the annual National Arts Festival (NAF) in Grahamstown last month. We chatted to them about their experiences at the world-famous event.

Q1: Tell us about the production you were in.

The Mother Of All Eating was written by Zakes Mda in 1992 based in Lesto at the time. It focuses on the themes of corruption with ministries and state officials deeply involved in the culture of eating.

Q2: Tell us who you played and what your character is all about.

I play about 17 different roles which were small roles but the main character I played was Joe, who’s an honest man of principle. Joe is against corruption and refuses to be part it which makes him an enemy to everyone.

Q3: How did you find the festival this year?

This year the festival felt smaller and not as busy, which was strange for some reason.

Q4: What was the favourite thing that you saw while there?

I did’`t get to watch many plays but the one I did really enjoy was XXL written by Makhkangaka Kolobe and directed by Momo Matsungyane. The production was well directed and the performers were incredible and really connected with us as audience members and took us through their journey with truth and honesty. It’s about two people who become connected through their struggle with obesity. An unlikely friendship is born as they both navigate issues of self-love, confidence and romantic relationships.

Q5: What is your stand-out moment for your experience at NAF this year?

My stand out moment at NAF was meeting so many other artists and reflecting on each other’s show.

If you couldn’t make your way to Grahamstown this winter – never fear! Luntu’s show will have a performance on Saturday this week at Sue Diepeveen’s Drama Factory. You can book here. Read a review of the show here.

Image Credits: Mark Wessels/National Arts Festival

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